Greetings to all Vellalars : Vellalars do u know Something?

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Greetings to all Vellalars :


The purpose of this article  is apart from Tamil Nadu, Vellalars who live in states such as Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep and also in countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, England, Canada, Unites States, Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, France, Australia, Newzeland who couldn’t read or write or cannot understand the meaning of Tamil description who have settled in these areas due to their profession and send their children for CBSE or International Schools, who couldn’t find a possibility for communication for Tamil Language in their daily life, who could speak fluently other local languages. 


We have got down to the soul purpose of uniting Vellalars we are endorsing this article . The term Vellalar is a  Caste or Jathi name which belong to us. It has various sub divisions such as Saiva Vellalar, Aarunaattu Vellalar, Kongu Vellalar, Kaarkaatha Vellalar, Choliya Vellalar, Mottai Vellalar, Pala Vellalar, Thondai Mandala Vellalar, Thuluva Vellalar, Konthala Vellalar, Kondaikatti Vellalar etc…..,  as we have more than 40 subdivisions.


Titles such as Pillai, Gounder, Mudaliar, Chettiar, Kurukkal, Otuvar, Desikar. Nayinaar, Naattaar, Pallavaraayar, Vaanaathirayar, Vallavaraayaar, Vaanavaraayar, Venavudaiyar etc upto 1000 titles or Surnames 200 years before it were hold by our Jathi or Caste

But We today use inly few titles or Surnames  such as Pillai, Gounder, Udaiyar, Nayinaar, Chettiar, Kurukkal, Otuvar, Desikar, Chettiyaar, Mudaliar, Naikkar, Reddyaar, Naattaar.

So Vellalars must cleary understand that Vellalar is our identity and remaining is our Titles or Surnames only


So Vellalars who look for Matrimonial alliance or willing to join the Caste organization or willing to work for the Caste or joining the whats app group must get cleared with the fact that Vellalar is the  Caste Name or Jathi Name and must clarify with Sub division of which Vellalar they belong to. It is also similar to if you are willing to connect other persons as well.

Apart from Original Vellalar Community, there are few others who have knowingly or unknowingly are using the title of Pillai with their Caste or Jathi name  

1. Senai Thalaivar 

2. Narayanaguru who heads the group of Ilavaas Caste 

3. Paanar 

4. Kambar 

5. Nair 

6. Menon.


Apart from Original Vellalar Caste, There are few others who have Knowingly or Unknowingly are using the title or Surnames of Mudaliar with their Caste  or Jathi name 


1. Kaikolar 

2. Sengunthar 

3. Senaithalaivar 

4.Isai  (Telugu Chinnamelam) 

6. Kulalar or Kuyavar.

Apart from Original Vellalar Caste, There are many others who have Knowingly or Unknowingly are using the title or Surnames of Chettiar, so We will list out the poriginal Chettiar title holders of our Caste


 1. Saiva Chettiyaar 

2.Agaram  Vellalanj Chettiyaar.


Apart from Original Vellalar Caste,  There are many others who have Knowingly or Unknowingly are using the title or Surnames Gounder are 


1. Vettuvar 

2. Vanniyar 

3. Urali 

4. Kalveli 

5. Kurumbar and few others too use Gounder as title.


So if above enlisted ones say that they are Vellalar which their sub division, ensure you are removing from the connectivity . 


This will ensure that we don’t mix with other people in matrimonial lineage and we could maintain pure genetical order as preserved by our ancestors as well. 


Mostly fix Matrimonial alliance with in relative circles and don’t try with matrimonial sites as they promote illegal mixing of Caste.  Even today even Vellalar Sangaams too don’t have exact clarity with our base history, roots and our importance of Cultural Significances. 

Thanks for reading this article, 


For Continuous updates, watch Namathu  VOC tv You tube Channel 

If Anyother Enquiries Please Contact as 

Ottapidaram Karthi Sankar Pillai : 9629908758

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